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Before the pain there was nothing. Then she cut out her own heart and jumped

And so she fell into the ever-hungry arms of desire

Their molten fingers like golden tongues licked through her veins turning them to fire.

t the edge of desolation, she knew her name. In the dark, they came to her and called.

She turned from what had gone and went to them.

They taught her to master the blaze within, that which can consume and destroy.

Now she held it in her hands like a sword and set the world alight.

A world so blinded by its own reflection

Afraid of its own shadow. Vicious in its fearfulness. 

The creatures hid from sight and waited to rise once again in rage.

Out of the ash they come now

Her voice had been kissed by the stars and She sang herself to life. Reborn

A new creature. 

New eyes

Fresh ears

Sharp of Teeth and claw 

The Others from the shadows came with her now. Bound by love. By their souls 

They were her and she was them. 

Angry, wild, never to be owned. 

They are nobody’s.

And so they left the forest as one being; Wolf Child and the 9. Connected yet separate. They walked in the shadows observing the strange ways of man. On their return, many tales were told and songs were sung.

Comanche the old warrior, stoic wise and just, watched the humans at war with themselves, like a wolf disturbed and maddened, maiming it’s own leg….

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